silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Story off to beta. Yay! Now I can begin my sesa, although, man, this pairing gives me the niption. Ah, well. Nothing for it but to write the worst kind of dirty, filthy porn, I think. Those bunnies run rampant through my mental landscape.

So, I watched "Gidget" for the first time, and can I just tell you? I now know why my mom's generation was so fucked up. (Hi, mom!) 1959, and girls are pretty and fluffy but they cry when they don't get their way, and boys are wild and rebellious but they call adults "sir" a lot and know they'll have to give up surfing someday, and the best way to be happy in life? Get a job and become a productive member of society. Or else make your man happy, if you're a girl-person. God! And the wild orgy luau scene? No alcohol, no music even, and "wild" in the 50s apparently meant tossing your gf in the air over your head, WHEE, and then settling onto the beach blanket for some completely passionless necking. Dude! I so totally would have become a drug-smoking, jazz-snapping beatnik, if I grew up in the 50s. Attica, ATTICA.

One of the teenaged male leads was, like, 47 years old, and Gidget herself was shrill and needed a good hot lunch, which I told her at every juncture, because I talk to my tv like that. "Gidge, you just don't know what you want," Cliff Robertson kept saying, I kept yelling "she wants a sandwich," but no one was listening. Except, perhaps, for my neighbors, but they are used to me by now, surely.

Then I tried to watch The Honey Pot with Rex Harrison and Cliff Robertson, because old Cliff really was pretty cool, all things considered, but I gave up on that one, too. 1967, and it was coy and labyrinthine and hard to follow, and there was poker and murder and 60s hair styles, but even those things could not save it. It was nice when Cliff Robertson told Rex Harrison he was a very attractive man, though. That made the whole experience worthwhile.

So then I watched In A Fix, as I do.

JC, JC, where are you?
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