silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, I have to go to that stupid fucking place, excuse me, but first:

Happy Birthday, lilysaid! You are the coolest chick I know, and your writing makes me *eee* with joy. I hope next year is gooood, and I can't wait for Challenge and the stalking of the pretty. Slainte!

Also, let me clarify. For the surfing scenes in Gidget, they stood 'em up in front of a green screen or a blue screen or whatever kinda thing they do, a color thing with totally different hues and lighting than the waves they superimposed it on, and had the 47 year old teenagers undulate their upper bodies gently like they were riding tandem escalators. Gidget was fixing her hair as she rode, y'all. Now, I don't expect Blue Crush out of a 50s beach bingo movie or anything, but Jeezus Louisus. They were smiling at each other and nodding! God.

Okay, done.

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