silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,


Waiting impatiently for mickeym and her son to get here so we can go stalking to lunch, but I just wanted to check in with y'all and see what's up. It's a cloudy day here in the land of summer and they're mowing the lawns, such a comforting sound, and someone outside my window is yelling at her son while he giggles and my neighbors are suspiciously quiet for once. I am having a good makeup day but my hair is to cry. "Makeup," you scoff, and you should shut up, because I'm trying, yo. It's not easy. If you had ever asked me back in the hippie days if I would ever in my whole wide life spackle my face, I would have made the rudest noise. But it's... kind of fun. I'm so embarrassed.

PSA for my Orlando folks: Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye's going to be signing copies of his new book tomorrow at 2 pm at the Barnes & Nobles on E. Colonial. I may have to call in sick. Mmm, Kyan.

Have caught a bunny for Sesa. It is nasty. Heh. Dirty and nasty, and I am in a state of glee, but I just hope my recipient likes it, too. We shall see.

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