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Hee. Excuse the language. I have a whole theory on why my language is so much worse than usual lately, except it's not, it's always that bad. I don't think I cussed more than a few times in front of mickeym's kid, though. I hope. Anyway, my theory has to do with all the really nice, devout, clean-cut people I work with, who would probably have a yip if I said OH, THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME around them. Plus which, by some stroke of fate every place I've ever worked has had the most wonderful proportion of flamboyantly gay guys working there, too, and I am nothing if not a fag hag. So I am used to a certain type of humor and back chat and shit talking, and let me tell you, god doesn't like that. Apparently, god doesn't like that, because we'll have none of that here at Florida Hospital, thank you. I am bereft. And really, really profane all the times I'm not at work, as a result.

But, yeah! This morning I looked at my phone when I got out of the shower, as I do, because what if they tried to call me out? And I thought a LOT about getting called out, more than I usually do, and whined to myself all the way down the road in my car and on the elevator up to my unit. Only to get there and have the Charge tell me, "We didn't have your number! I'm sorry you came all the way here! Go home!"

Ahahahahaha!!! Really, I can't afford it, and I don't think my paid time off has kicked in yet, but eh. I'm free! FREE.


Had a great lunch with mickeym, some very successful stalking, and then I went shopping, which is always fun. Today I'm going shopping again, because I'm a fan of consistency, and maybe get my hair cut, but probably not. Three times a year is plenty.

Sesa? What?
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