silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Gakked from splifford

What Does your Personal Dildo look like by Angel_deKay
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Ain't done much of nothing today. Woke this morning to the sound of my next-door neighbor's alarm, which is set to spanish talk radio. Speech rhythms like the cooing of mourning doves on crack. Very disorienting.

Pics of JC at Mynt over at twoofus, and I am made helpless by the sort of fuzzy, undone look of his hair. That's a boy who just climbed out of bed, y'all.

jc: okay, I'm going

chris: bring me back something nice

jc: I'm going out clubbing

chris: something nasty?

jc: dork. be home in a few

chris: [snores]

My apologies. It's because I'm not writing trickC for Sesa. It stings.
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