silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Holy moly! How could I look at this picture a thousand times before and not notice, um. How happy Lance was to be posing on the beach? Wow. Hi, Lance.

Also, I want to upload this lovely clip I got at Sean, but I don't know if it'll play for anyone. Licenses and such-like. It's... lovely. Just lovely. And kind of disturbing, because it's a wanking clip, and the "model" is so devastatingly horny and responsive that he REALLY enjoys it when the photographer, um, adjusts him, and next thing you know, the photographer's, well. All kinds of lines of "appropriate" being crossed, and everything made okay by utter squirming passion, and yow. My biggest button. I'll try to upload it. The clip is entitled "holy fucking moly." That's how serious I am about this.

So, you know my love for clean, stripped down prose? Thinking about that today, and it occurred to me that by extrapolation, my ideal fanfiction would have, like, no words at all. Or maybe be a haiku or something, three or four words and some punctuation, but the most beautifully right words and my heart would just fill up. Sigh. This is the zen of laziness, y'all.

Oh, wait! Didn't I already write that fic? Yes. Here, let me post it for you again:


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