silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So yeah, I really am that gormless that when I wrote that post yesterday it seemed to me a harmless piece of shit-talking, about par for the course for me in that most people on my flist would roll their eyes and scroll on past, or else snort and tell me to shut up. Oops! Sorry, kids. As usual with half of what I say, I didn't even really believe it, and I can only say that I'm glad I'm wrong about the timbertrick love. Glad! And the JuC. Oh my, yes.

But I will say that it's weird how polite everybody's been, and with very few exceptions. I attribute that to the eye rolling and scrolling on past, or perhaps to a weird kind of maturity that's cropping up in my flist of late. Or maybe it's apathy? I hope not. Repression? Maybe we need a nice anonymous hate meme to get our blood flowing again. Yes?

Anyhow, today I'm doing the beta thing, and attempting to write some sesa, and watching some old footage, without the trickC goggles. It might sting, but it can't hurt.

Here, have some pictures, by way of apology:

I hope no one's offended if I say I'm a little disconcerted by the gleam at the back of Justin's throat, there. Perhaps he has his soft palate pierced? Can you do that? Or perhaps it's just well-polished. *cough*

Good morning to the posse!
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