silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Writing today, as last night I was gifted with a wonderful and doable little bunny of a sesa idea as I lay in bed trying to sleep. Even had that brief upswelling of emotion that I get when an idea is just right. You should see me when I'm writing a story I think will work. I slobber all over everything. Anyway, now my whining will switch over from "no idea" mode to "I hate this story" mode. Just wanted to warn you.

But before I get going, some more Atlantis satellite squee. At one point Chris makes a long speech about all the usual stuff, the venue and the intimacy and the production values, etc., etc., but he finishes it up beautifully by saying, "We want every person to feel like, if they hadn't been there at the show, it wouldn't have been the same" and then he turns to JC and says, "Yes?" and JC says, "Yes." There's just so much there, a couple of hours of them sort-of-sniping at each other and Chris mocking JC at every turn ("it's the joint!"), but when it comes down to it, they see eye to eye on some stuff. They've talked all this over before, you can tell, the way to say stuff and what to say, and I said "aww" when I saw that because yes.

Also, I was kind of amused by how they all started talking, at one point, about how repetitive it all was and how they should just blurt out the whole rap at once next time and freak out the interviewer. Like they haven't had to repeat themselves to death every day of their lives! Like it's all new to them, this promo jazz! That's what I loved about these guys. They were just eternally fresh-eyed about everything, eternal good sports about it all, and that really gave us all a way to see into the life a little bit.

(So tempted to talk about footage as text, present tense references, but I suppose it's more appropriate to use the past tense. Hey?)

Okay, then. Bye.
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