silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

First, I would like to apologize to those three people who got to my website by searching for "Lance mpreg" and "Justin mpreg." HAA!! Everybody else searches for Chris's cock. Thanks for the variety.

So, good morning! Today is Sesa day, and I'm excited about that, which is refreshing. Also, part of my day will be spent taking the open-book test I have to pass to become chemotherapy certified, which includes doing some math calculations. I'm an english major! I can't be expected to wield a calculator like that! Meh. You should see me trying to total up my food-and-drink-in and urine-and-barf-out columns every day. I can go on and on lyrically about what the pee looks like (and not so lyrically about what the food looks like, for it is horrid here) and what the patient said immediately before and after the barfing, but adding and subtracting? Not my strong suit, on a calculator. I can do it by hand or in my head very easily, because of my centuries working at Marc's Big Boy coffee shop in the 80s. Numbers fit together and come apart like puzzle pieces. But hand me a calculator and suddenly there are 12.3498579 days in the month of December and 16% of them are Mondays. So sad.

I want to be in Pittsburgh today.
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