silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Done with Day 3 of chemotherapy class, very interesting, learned a bunch of stuff about cancer and treatments that I should have been taught a year and a half ago. Ah, well. I know it now!

Have received official confirmation that my sesa story makes no sense, which rather perversely pleases me. I think that's a sign of Christmas mania and PMS, though, and I think I'll spend tonight seeing what I can do about it.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot! So, the other day in my chemo class, someone asked the instructor about the use of Marinol as an antinausea drug. Some of you may know that Marinol is synthetic THC, the compound found in pot, and Marinol works wonderfully for longterm suppression of nausea and for reducing ocular pressure in glaucoma and for stimulating the appetite in AIDS sufferers or, really, anyone who doesn't want to eat. Pot works better than Marinol, though, because pot actually contains hundreds of unidentified substances that come together to provide real, demonstrated relief for a lot of maladies. There's, you know, research on that.

The instructor explained to us in all seriousness, however, that people only want to get pot legalized because they smoke it anyway, and want to legitimize their habit. Also, according to her, the only people who get any kind of medical relief from pot are those who are heavy users already. She said this with great irony. I saw a few of my classmates nod. Someone muttered "potheads," like that summed it up.

Who are these people? WHERE THE FUCK AM I? I don't know this place.

Well, so much for open minds, anyway. In New Mexico there's an actual open discussion about medical uses for pot, and legislation has been proposed yearly for quite awhile now, and every year more of the actual logistics of growing and distributing the pot gets figured out. Some people think 2005 might be the year for the medical marijuana bill to go through. I don't know; I haven't been keeping up. But there's research in New Mexico, and special programs, and people don't automatically look at you like you're a dirty hippy if you even speculate on the benefits of a substance THAT HAS BEEN FUCKING SHOWN TO HELP PEOPLE. I mean, my god. *pant, pant*

Sorry. Sorry. I'm done. I keep getting thrown, though, by the kinds of narrowness I find here in Florida. I mean, god knows I've had my issues with the kind upon occasion, and had to quit because it made me crazy, and I've had friends throw their lives away in one way or another because of the stuff, but what has any of that got to do with the relief people can and should have, day to day?

Really done, this time. Sorry. I ranted about this so hard to my mom the other day that she laughed at me. Hee!
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