silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Sesa, in no particular order:

Why Do Birds Sing So Gay
Torch, maybe? The style, the humor, the deft touch with all the guys, from Backstreet to Nsync? Love this story, by the way. Laughed a bunch of times.

One thing that so never happened to Joshua Scott Chasez
Wonderful idea, well executed. Funny. Pov whipsaws a bit. But whatever, I liked it a lot. No idea who wrote it.

The Concept of Negative Space: Silhouettes of Two Relationships
Great style, starts out with a bang, but kinda peters off. It wanted to be much longer, I think. Or less silhouette-y.

I need love pants
Fabulous title, although I don't know how to say it out loud. Great pwp, gives a sense of the depth of the character's lives. Also, hot. Ends kind of abruptly. No idea who wrote this either.

Wow! I'm sucking at the author-guessing, aren't I? And I read sloooooowly.

Hope everybody had a nice Christmas. I worked. Draw your own conclusions. The only patients left on the unit were too sick to go home, and my guy with the really bad graft-vs-host, the one who asked about the isolation gowns that time? Had to have a chest tube put in and may have been intubated last night, I don't know. My other guy, who taught Health at a Community College and told me leukemia is much different from this end of things, found out his chemo didn't work yesterday. Merry Christmas.

But for all that, it was a good holiday. I'm pretty zen about the skewed nature of my work, the seeing only really sick people for whom treatment is not working, and I know I'll see my family in a few months. And for all everyone at work was complaining about the gray skies and rain, it was gorgeous seeing the ducks floating happily in it on the lake, and the fishing birds, what are they, ibises? Standing still at the shore, looking out through the mist. A little rain and 60 degree weather is really, really okay. It's always a matter of perspective, isn't it?
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