silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hee! Look who it is:

My uncle sent me that. Me, my gramma Collins, and my sister. Love them color values. And, pants. Aiieee.

At least I wasn't wearing my favorite green-and-white-checked super bells. God, they were wonderful. Picked them out myself, and it showed.

Spending an enjoyable yet slightly creeped out morning reading this post and all its hell-spawned threads. It reads like really really well done fanfic, like the kind of writing that's probably all speculation and egregious fronting, but with a little glint of something plausible and seeing at the heart of it. The complexity of JC's fucked-upedness! Who knew? Except... yes.

Fanfic by [deleted for political survival], maybe, slightly pretentious and utterly cold. Or maybe by [deleted], so insightful and heartbreaking and merciless that you want to crawl inside it and die.

Must go read happy!fic now. Happy world, pink world. Happy happy fluff.

BTW? The Cure, totally by Kaneko. Totally, obviously, I have no doubts. Or maybe Merry.
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