silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Dear sesa:

You are too much. I am ashamed. I will not be done before the reveal. Probably not before June.


So, Paris showed up to the opening of her club here in Orlando six hours late. I am shocked! So glad I decided not to jet down there last night, since... oh, I can't even. HAHAHAHA!! Except, Lou Pearlman was there. That might have made it all worthwhile.

Actually, Joey was there, too. Joey! How I... don't much care about you, when you're not bearhugging JC. I'm sorry, Joey! Someday, perhaps, I will realize the error of my ways. Then I will write you a long screed fan letter apologizing for my blindness and explaining everything psychologically by detailing my childhood. In detail. Okay, Joey? Okay.

T-Mobile has Mercy as a hi-fi ringtone now (thanks, callsigns, for the headsup). JC just now started singing to me out of my phone? And I eeped and clutched my heart. JESUS, JC! Tryin' to kill me? Don't do that.

So, what's everybody doing for the New Year? Or did. Have did? Done?
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