silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A few more sesa comments, because I have been remiss:

Not Based on a True Story

Love this one. So clever, all the layers of meta, and so painfully familiar. Self-insertion? Or simply skillful extrapolation? Both, baby. It's that good.

Song of the Sea

Pirates! Mmm. Even if I didn't already know who wrote this, I'd know. Come on, people! Jeez.

I love JC in this. I just want to hold him and rock back and forth while he bitches, stiffly.

All of them are such wonderfully functional fuckups.

Parts and Poems

Oh, so delicious. I'm going to have to say William Gibson, though, instead of Bruce Sterling, the focus on defining the self in the machine world. Love the twos and fours. Want more! A nice tribute.


Nicely done, although it takes awhile to get started. I like all the other people hanging around at JC's, a little touch of realism. Carlos the kook again! It's funny to me that he's getting his own fanon characterization.

Eery. Really captures the waiting, suspended feeling of a hurricane.

See! I'm reading sloooooowly.

Well, I thought I might do that writing meme after all, the writing round up thing, although it makes me squirm a little. All the stuff I didn't write!


I've written 12 stories this year.

I'm most fond of the mpreg, because I managed to convey Chris's emotions and thought processes through JC's pov, while JC has no clue at all. Also, the story is tight, nothing wasted, and I think it captures that period in a new family pretty well. Shut up! I like the mpreg! I don't care! :)

I also like Perfect, because it comes to a nice dramatic crescendo. Also, it was wonderful to write, and while I was writing it I dreamed about it and thought about it when I was away from my computer and it flowed, when I was at my computer. I was sorry when it ended, the writing.

I also also like my remix story, because of the way the guys interact without explicitly stating everything. It felt like I was discovering a more realistic way of conveying the way people shorthand things with each other. I learned a lot, writing this.

Show Time was my most notable failure, I think, because I didn't flesh out the middle enough, didn't build up enough of a sense of how lost Chris and JC are and how long it's all taking. It could have been so much better, but I am so impatient with long stories, and can't sustain an interest long enough to make them complete. Or I'm too impatient and want to post right now. That's probably it.

Lovers was my underappreciated story, I think. It's seriously creepy! He leaves Chris to lie awake all night next to a dead body, in the name of love! But I've had discussions about the fact that it's a touchy thing in this fandom, to make Justin a bad guy. So maybe that had something to do with it.

One of my sesa stories represents the biggest risk I've taken in a story this year, so I will leave that one for later.

What else were we supposed to comment about? Least liked story, maybe? Bound, probably. Clunky. But I wrote it right before my cross-country extravaganza, so yeah. I was a little disjointed myself, right then.

Hope everybody has a great New Year's, and I hope next year brings you all closer to where you want to be. Next year, a little more peace. Sound good?
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