silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I love the pants! I don't care! He's being a little punk ska-boy and I love it! Shut up!

Frankly, it's her shirt that I'm not too sure about.

Or, actually, what the heck. I don't mind it. I just love how JC's laughing in the background.

So, I wrote a letter to my nurse manager, requesting a transfer to a new unit after my six months are up. I love bone marrow transplant, but I do NOT like the post-surgical unit we also have to staff, and I am being floated there all the time lately, every day last week even, and I'm invariably there until after 8pm and I go home ragged and hating life. No mas, por favor. She'll be a bitch about it, I know her already, but hey! Maybe all this is why we've lost 17 nurses in the last six months! I wonder.

Gotta take some positive steps, I reckon.
Tags: jc, nursing
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