silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Woot! Woot a million times! WOOT.

Just got the call from work. I'm officially "on call," which means I call them at 11am. Or, as I told the night charge, I get a really long time to get ready this morning. She said something about "sleep," but man, once I'm up, I'm up. I get to read and feed for sesa! I get to laze around and do nothing, like a big fat slug! I don't have to work again till Thursday! All right.

Actually, what I'm going to do is to revise my "transfer my ass NOW" letter. Could be it's a little incendiary. Do you think "festering slime hole" is okay?

So, for sesa I wrote:

Oh, The Places You'll Go, for Jae, which caused me to chew my fingernails up to my armpits, and which just had to come out as some weirdo thing of a story, thereby increasing my stress by 9875970%, but which I like so much anyhow, although I wish in retrospect I had made the thing in Chris's living room make noise. Because, yes.

and Justin's Dark Design, for callsigns, which was the panic story I wrote when the thing in Chris's living room seemed so fucking stupid, excuse me, as to require immediate burning of my draft and my computer and maybe my apartment complex, just to be sure. I wrote this story after forcing myself to think about the essence of timbertrick, What Timbertrick Means To Me, and a vision of Justin and Chris wrestling around like seven-year olds popped into my brain. I love this story, even though Justin Timberlake is way more canny and self-aware than this, probably, and I love this JC, all slutty porn star good friend that he no doubt is. Jessa! You made my day by liking this story. I was worried. No babies, you see, and not so much with the angst. Thank you!

The funny thing, for me, is that somewhere in there I wrote part of a third timbertrick story, which simply stopped dead in the water at a certain point. I will come back to it, though. I like it, too. Timbertrick! It's the new trickC.

Also, mickeym, I'm so glad Matthew liked the shark book and you like the Fuman logo. Maybe what I should do today is to stalk a certain reclusive boybander? Or at least drive by his security gate, looking neither to the left nor the right so no one knows, in your honor? Have a great new year. *hugs*
Tags: my fiction, sesa, writing
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