silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Reading and feeding, reading and feeding. Oh, sesa! You drove me nuts for weeks and weeks, and now we're over? That's cold, man. Cold.

Just want to say thanks, again, to my very own author ephemera, who wrote the ever slinky and hot it's the perfect dream. That is you, isn't it? Ephemera? Anyhow, I read it again today, and mrrrowl. I love how Nick teaches JC to control his thing by letting it all go and accepting himself. Nice. Thank you so much! You did great. Now, about the sequel... :)

And again, thanks to Georgina and Pet for bringing us ragtag popslashers together, year after year. I can't wait till next time!

Yeah, they called me in for THREE HOURS today. Hahahahahaha! Just enough time to start an IV, give a shot, and empty out some pee. Man, if every shift were like this I would be a nurse forever.

Last night I dreamt that a doctor wanted me to ask a patient a bunch of dry stupid questions about money and insurance, and the patient had created an entire journal of ragged writing and wild drawings and leaf after leaf of shapes carefully punched out of some beautiful silver metal. I knew I was seeing something real and important about this person, seeing into the heart of her illness and of her experience being ill, but I had to ask all these questions.

Easy, right? Except the doctor in waking life is someone way cool and committed, who once told me that she hoped I would arrange another patient's end of life care according to the Bardo, so I know there's more going on in this dream than I can figure.

Tags: dreams, nursing, popslash, sesa
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