silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Gakked from giddygeek:

I don't know if anyone's interested, but I'd like to offer what eliade is calling 'a gift for a gesture'

Basically, I will write you anything you like - anything at all*. And if you so happened to make a donation to the tsunami relief effort, that would be wonderful. (For example: Doctors Without Borders or The Red Cross. You can make a donation to the Red Cross via Amazon.

People seem to be doing $5 for 500 words, $10 for 1000 words, $20 for 2000 words, etc, up to 4000 words for an individual story.

*I'll write popslash, any pairing without Joey, although I have no track record with the Bassez. *squirms* Also, I write fairly sloooowly. So.

p.s. Doctors Without Borders is now taking donations only for their general fund, which I went ahead and gave to, but if you want to direct your $$ to the Tsunami relief effort, keep this in mind. They say they have enough for that already... people around the world have been generous!

Any good gossip in the last 14 hours or so? I'm such a junky.
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