silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Now THAT was a fun meme.

Wherein I go on:

Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?I'm bi that way.
Since when?read/1999 write/2003
How did you stumble into slash?Read every MSR story in xfiles fandom, bored, remembered that one author everyone was always talking about, decided to try reading "Ghosts."
Your first fandom and pairing:Xfiles M/K foEVAH
The first person you told about your new hobby:Oh... gosh, no one till I got an LJ. :)
The fandoms you read:Highlander, Star Trek TOS, Xfiles, Sparklies, HP... anything well-written, really.
The fandoms you write:Popslash. That's unlikely to change, I think.
Your favourite pairings:M/K, D/M, K/S, trickC, JuC, Snape/Black (Shut up, I've only read the first three books.)
Favourite genres:supernatural, red hot freak, first times, h/c, comedy, canon and/or music biz
Least favourite pairings:anything with Joey, or Skinner. no spark for me a-TALL
Least favourite genres:badfic, schmoop, deathfic, angst w/o happy endings
What makes a story good?characterization, pacing, an author's clear love for the writing
What makes a story bad?choosing scenario over characterization, too much exposition, when the authors are clearly in love with their own writing instead of what they're writing about
The best author:synchronik, torch, amber, lilysaid, rhys
Why?characterizations, willingness to let the stories lead them instead of approaching everything with an agenda or a checklist, use of language
The best story you've ever read:ooo, tough one. Legendary Grapefruit Gurus distills everything I love about popslash, but I seem to have read Chasez Lake 89347587 times this year. But I'm gonna have to go with Honor Bound.
The worst author:oh, no you don't. I'm mean enough as it is. Don't encourage me.
The worst story you've ever read:Dude, I HATE badfic. I laugh at snippets, but mostly it makes my head hurt. Okay, assbabies. Aiieeee!
The best story you have written:I have no idea. I think my own evaluations are sentimental and I have no idea what people really think of my stuff. So.
The worst story you have written:They all possess unique qualities that make me cringe.
Do you leave feedback?Not very often. I suck. I do try to post in my journal if something strikes me, though.
Do you get feedback?yep
Do you have a favorite kink?sex :) okay, frottage
Does something squick you?incest
Is slash simply sex?what a silly, disingenuous question
Is slash a way of life?what does that mean?
How much time do you spend reading/writing?hours and hours and hours.
Do you have RL friends who slash?now I do :)
Have you made online friends through slash?but, of course! some wonderful people
Do you think slash is just a phase?maybe, but I can't imagine not loving it
Could you simply stop slashing?I could come up with scenarios, certainly, but they would read like fanfic. witness protection! falling through a black hole! born again! *shudders*
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13ratings are stupid in the livejournal-and-private-website context, although I have a candy-assed disclaimer on my splash. I don't care how hot the story is, I care whether it's a good story. although I am more likely to read nc 17. :)
Ratings R to NC-17beauty
AUsif well done. I hate the "any idea no matter how cracked out let's force nsync in there!" school of thought on this, especially if accompanied by the "and everybody else in the pop world EVER" corollary
ARsagain, if well done. because I'm not sure how that's different from an AU.
Porngod, yes. harder.
Angstcertainly, but I do prefer it accompanied by some glimmer of hope
Mushsometimes, shut up. if well-written
Loveit's the greatest thing in the world. maybe I should put this under "kinks"
Romancedepends on the writer
BDSMagain, depends on the writer. it's a lot more complicated than "kneel and suck me." mmm. hmm. what? where am I?
Darkficsmostly not. I work hard to numb myself, dammit!
Non consensual/rapenope, although I love zen and nancy's xfiles stuff :)
Rape recoverymmm, I can't say I've read much of this in popslash. any reccs?
RPGin the words of a wise woman, "wank wank wank"
First timesmmm, yeah
Established relationshipslove this
Threesomessure! the dynamics can be so much fun. are you listening, pierson???
m/m slashthe foundation of my worldview
femmeslashI dig, but there aren't any pairings that grab me right now. except, okay, noni/jenny. mmm.
Slashing a children's book/moviesure, why not
Chanslash eh
Explicit sexfuck, yeah
The importance of charactarizationsupreme
OOCnessdepends on the story, but as a general rule, no
ClichesI should put funnest here, hey? :)
Supernaturallove these with a passion
MPREGcan be fun, or make me want to smack myself
Wingficswell, I don't necessarily get them. but I do like them
Genderfuckyes, please
Crossoversno, thanks.
Group Slut Ficsif well done, and centered on group dynamics and not just wankedy wank
May/Decembersure :)
Het pairings in a slash ficeh
Plotnice work, if you can get it
PWPsI don't understand this catergory. if it's well written and well characterized, then it will have a plot, even if the plot is "they have sex." is this code for "sucks, w/ sex?"
WIPsI will only read capp's wips. it's, like, a personal rule. anyone else, it strikes me as an excuse for self-importance, and few writers can produce a quality whole of a story that doesn't scream out for rewrites.
LJ fics and communitiesbut, of course
Mailing listsno
Big Name Fansstill not sure what or who they are. the boogeyman. rock on.
Politics in a slash storydepends how it's used
Religion in a slash storya serious extrapolation of character angst, sure. an author's personal wank thrust upon her unsuspecting (and usually ooc) character/victims? NOT.
Wake up Gayyeah! people have revelations about themselves all the time. denial can be powerful for a long time
And finally....
Your pet peeve:authors writing the same story 349857987 times. writers writing 2987897 kb of self-absorbed ooc wank. *humorless sync* that's sporkable, in my book
Your advice to new slashers:read, read, read. keep trying, even if you think you suck. realize, in fact, that you may suck, but look for ways to get better. find betas who are honest, and learn their agendas. *don't get mean*
Your slash wish list:supernatural fic. amber to come back. nsync to give us some more canon
The best slash archive:I mostly read from shiny and new, and other folks' recs on LJ
The worst slash archive:I hear joshtin is the place to be :)


eta: that's the problem with asking me about favorite authors/stories. I forget things! Jae, of course. I think the secret marriage and a little uncomplicated hymn are the two most brilliant fucking stories I've ever read. But I can't read them.

And Tiffany Rawlins, yes. *sigh*
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