silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Someone just found my site searching for "punk people." HAHAHAHA. Sorry, friend. Did you want Johnny Rotten? Well, you got boybanders in love. Knock yourself out.

Long time ago I had a dream, walking through a neighborhood after dark, the kind of night that's close around you but you can hear for a long way, people laughing, voices, little kids playing till it's time to go in. I turned the corner to look down the street, and I was home, that street was my home. Never been there, but I've never felt that sense of peace and utter belonging before or since.

Tonight I was just lazing about, thinking about stuff and not really thinking at all, and I got a touch of that feeling, like a little wave. It was nice. Kind of a turquoise feeling. Heh.


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Tags: dreams, lost people, meme
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