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work. work. work.

All I ask, the sum entirety of my requests for today, is for my fridge to be working when I get home. Thanks.

Can I just tell you, JC Chasez? ::panting:: Mmmmm. Tony Lucca's not bad, either. When I remember he's in the picture.

Why don't celebs etc. hang out in Albuquerque? Oh, I made myself laugh. Actually, I had a better time with the celebs etc. when I lived in Taos. Ah well.

....and that'll pretty much do it for the rambling, today. You're so welcome! Today, I get to help a doctor drain fluid from a patient's brain, put a tube down another's nose to drain her stomach, discharge two patients (very yay when they actually go home), probably admit two more instantaneously, and in all the madness try to remember to eat. Because yesterday? Nutrigrain bar. In 13 hours.

Of course, I did get to drink all my ice cream when I got home. !@$%^^%$!! fridge! Cherry Garcia is very difficult to drink from a glass! Dang it.
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