silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Great mood today, started out a bit iffy, with all the parking garages full, and the wrong time and place for the EKG class, and also the intrinsic boringness of reading EKG strips ("I believe that interval to be 0.12 seconds." "No, it is 0.14 seconds." "Let us measure again!" *mary snores*), but by the time class was over I was loving life, driving around in the sunshine, listening to Kansas City jazz, and I found the neighborhood I want to live in, all old mossy trees and hidden houses, and I came up with the perfect title for my new story, which has one section so far, but it's not all one run-on sentence, you know.

Anyhow, good mood = random, for me:

1. Man, I have to get my bangs cut. They drag through the bowl when I try to lick the guacamole out. Most untidy.

2. So, now Eva only likes to sleep with guys younger than 25 and older than 40? She's just not gonna save any of the good stuff for later, is she? Girrrl!

3. Makoto ginger dressing? Fuck me good. Try it, if you can find it. And it has, like, no carbs or whatever thing you're not supposed to eat these days, so it's good for you. Eh, whatever. Today I ate a burger and french fries and a pound of guacamole and chips. But the dressing: FANTASTIC.

4. Printed out an 80 page story by Punk M. Smallville, which I've never seen and have no desire to. I just like the way she writes, see. I'm contemplating emailing her and pimping the sparkly option. Is that gauche? I mean, I know she's gotta be aware of it, duh, plus she's written with Tiffany Rawlins, right? But I thought, some judicious begging... annnnyway!

5. Today, also, I am an adult. I have completed my first balance transfer to a credit card with lower interest rates. Proud, man. *sniffs*

6. I'd do that rant thing that's going around, but I don't think I could pull it off. Maybe tomorrow, when the sparkle wears off. Whee!

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