silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, I'm off to redo the plumbing in my toilet, always a good time, but first let me just say hi. I keep writing half-comments to many of your posts and then deleting them, because I lose focus or realize I have nothing really to say, although I do, I just can't get it out, or else I'm lazy. That is very likely.

But yes, I am reading you, and I work the next four days in a row, so I'll see ya later, but before I wander off to submerge myself in yucky water in the bathroom (ew), happy birthday, Joey. Oh, that's an unfortunate juxtaposition. Really, though, I don't know why everyone thinks I hate you. I can't imagine anyone hating you, ever. And happy birthday, Justin, you little punk. I think I miss you most of all the guys, because you're the one I most love to watch interacting with the others. Chris is cool and funny no matter what, even if he is crouching in his basement listening to his mom leave 390457 messages on his machine, and JC goes out every single night of his life and has a high-profile maybe-girlfriend who seems to have lost her mind, so we are hearing about him. Joey, I... better just be quiet about, heh, and Lance's arms practically have their own franchise of late, and rightly so. But the Justin who was always so good with the one liners, always so ready to jump into a practical joke or to harmonize on any silly song that passed through the group gestalt, him I miss. Now you're, like, a million miles away being a real celebrity, as is your right, and I don't blame you for anything but following your path, but I do miss all that.

How old is Justin gonna be, 23? Holy guacamole.

In other news, they are building an Ikea here soon. Oh, my god. I'm asking for vacation time now, because they bought 30 acres of land in south Orlando, so you know the store's going to be like another theme park. And I'm also asking for a raise, because it's too easy to fill up those little carts with all manner of crap just because it's 99 cents and made out of purple and green plastic. Can't wait.
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