silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Will answer comments when I come back from EKG class, which I almost forgot about. Oops! Luckily I wake up at the ass-crack of dawn anyway. As for studying for the quiz... *ulp*

Y'ALL. Why aren't you signing up for the Remix challenge? I mean, really, why? Answer anonymously as needed. I'm just wondering, because this is the most fun challenge and it will only get better, the more crackheads players climb on board.

Have had to skip many posts this morning because I missed Project Runway last night. I was rereading A Slow Beating Between Them, you know. So I'm gonna go with this unspoilery thing for... oh, about 8 hours or so, until my class is done, probably, and THEN I'll read and comment to all the old posts. I'm so weak!

So that's why I couldn't comment in sperrywink's interesting post about JC's taste in women. I wanted to! Lord knows. Because man, he loves those fun, mouthy, charismatic party girls who turn out to be COMPLETE FLAKES, doesn't he? Question, then: what does "normal" mean to JC Chasez, really? His so-stated yearning for a normal girl? Ah, JC, JC. Your idea of a normal girl is someone who climbs on the table and shows her lingerie to everyone at the Mansion. I fear for you.

Oh, shit, I'm late.
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