silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Alas, no trickC curtain-snippets for you all today. Try to contain your sadness.

By the way, halimede! I liked Dani. And I liked Jesse, lots. (*sniff*) And I like Cameron, because them two are so clearly made for one another. So I don't know what the deal is with the Eva thing. I don't think it's just bloody-minded jealousy. Hmm.

ANYway, have spent the morning shopping and reading Cassie Claire's Secret Diaries. Hilarious! Am I the last person in the world to see these? Figures. It's my m.o., really.

Speaking of which, I came across another medical term that wants to be a story idea: Escape Rhythm. This is when the normal electrical conduction in the heart goes balls-up, and all the little cells just try to beat along as best they can. It's pretty bad, of course, since they can go no faster than about 20 or 30 beats a minute (normal is 60-100), and they often aren't too coordinated, so circulation in the body is pretty iffy. In cardiac terms, "escape" means delayed, or late in timing. This is the heart's last-ditch effort to survive.

In my darker moments, I see this as a wonderful organizing image for the Nsync reunion story. Or maybe something about fandom. Or about me in fandom, I don't know. But then the clouds pass through my mental landscape and I remember that I am a fluffy little writer, thank god. Happy writer, happy pink fic. Whew.
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