silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Stole this from solo_chasez:

Letter to Fan from JoJo at Kiis FM

just got another email from a JC fan asking basically the same thing so I'll email you what I told her....

When it comes to getting airplay on the next project, first thing is the label needs a strategy that is right for him that shows commitment as opposed to tossing a single out there and saying good luck. When the single is officially released that is the time people need to start calling radio stations so each station can log those requests. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately - the market is so heavily hip hop leaning at the moment. The label then needs to release the album in a timely fashion and when the album comes out his fans need to buy it ASAP - within the first week so that the first week sales look impressive. It would be nice for it to debut in the top 5, however if that doesn't happen, a slow build is the next best thing. But, unfortunately, it might not be given a 2nd chance if it has a slow start. That's just the way some Program Director's are and the label pays attention to this as well. If they see a project start slow sometimes they'll cut their losses at this point before they invest more money (NOT Payola) - I'm talking in videos, promotional hours from staff etc. According to Eric (working with JC now), JC's last album was "critically successful" but not commercially. Without losing the credibility, their attack is to make the next one commercially successful.

Hope these random thoughts help....

JoJo Wright
"JoJo On The Radio"
102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles

Interesting stuff. Nice to have the confirmation that Schizophrenic was considered a good record. I'm REALLY curious to see how they promote the next record, though. Stadium tour? Yuck. Also, how will this record be different from the first? I mean, is JC gonna change it up because he's going for the numbers, now? Somehow, I bet not. We'll see.

I'm in love with this picture from the Baby Phat show last night. Like a little glimpse into the JC who isn't let out much. Also, spam colored corduroy jacket, what's not to love? And, not to harp on my obsessions much (ha), but he hasn't waxed recently, has he? I notice these things.

And browsing around my desktop, I found this photo, which I no doubt stole from someone. Holy shit! If I saw that boy in a club somewhere, I would fall down. Right in place, immediate WHOOMP, just lose it all and hit the deck. So yeah, maybe vip for challenge isn't a good idea? withdiamonds, bellaphena, and lilysaid, you decide. You're the ones who'll have to prop me up as I gibber and giggle, and I'm not sure you'll want JC looking at you that way. Let me know.
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