silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh. My. GOD. Where did this come from? Christmas must have been a truly twisted time for me this year. Good thing I barely remember it.

So, rumor has it that someone at one of the fashion shows asked JC "where's your girlfriend?" and he rolled his eyes. That's my boy! I don't care if he was just sick of being asked, or whatever that really meant, I just love the eye-rolling. It is so pithy, so full, like a well-placed "FUCK." It is the F-bomb of facial expressions. Nothing can piss someone off faster than a really well-done eye roll. Salute.

Along these lines, and yes I have been lurking again, thanks for noticing, what the heck is all this "claiming" stuff about? When you really really like someone, you have to fill out a little tag? Celebrities have to register to date these days? Cool, I'm all for it. And in the spirit of the times, let me just say "I DIBS THE CHASEZ." There. Claimed. Eat your hearts out, bitses.

I might write today. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Last night I dreamt I was holding onto a dead person, heavy stiff limbs and whited over eyes, and he said in dull tones, "I. Still. Love you." It really creeped me out. For one thing, how will I ever learn to be a good writer if even my dreams are made up of the bad!fic? Lord. And also, I have a dead ex-husband, so ick. But it wasn't him, I don't think, it was someone else, and anyway I don't think it was a person, the dead guy, but an idea, or a state of being. Feeling stuck, Mary? Maybe.
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