silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Any of the guys scheduled to be at the Grammys this year? JC? Can you tear yourself away from the runway this weekend, and all the teenage designers you're supposedly macking on? Heh.

This one nurse I work with, her dad won 16 tickets to the Grammys from the cap on a bottle of soda pop. As of yesterday, they have 15 people going.

GNARF!! I want to go! They also won tickets to "the afterparty," whatever that means, and while I'm sure it's probably not P Diddy's thing, still. $200 bucks to fly over! I could call in sick to work on Sunday and Monday! Pretty people to watch for the 14 hours of glamorous boredom that IS the Grammys! Man.

All day yesterday the head preceptor gave me the eye, because she wants to go, too, and somewhere in there I shared the specific reasons, I mean reason, that I want to go, and she turned beet red and said NO WAY and put her hand over her mouth. I said WAY, kind of grimly, but she thinks it's a hoot, this JC love, although she didn't really understand the roadtripping-to-see-him-9-times-last-summer thing. Ah, well. Not sure I understand it myself.

But she rather magnanimously conceded that she was going to Duran Duran in Tampa this weekend instead, but it's all moot anyway, because 1) I can't call in sick two days in a row, because 1a) I need the paid time for Challenge, and 1b) everybody would know why I called in, and the Nurse Manager on our unit doesn't even bother to hide the bodies. Also, 2) I don't really know the nurse whose dad has the tickets, and don't relish the thought of 15 strangers in LA, and 3) $$$$$$$. Stupid $$$$$$$, always mucking things up.

So yeah, I'm out at work, my JC mania exposed, and it's nice, really. No, really. And I feel rededicated to Challenge, especially after spamming all over lilysaid's journal about it the other day, oops, sorry! Challenge, CHALLENGE. Challenge, dammit.

Who all's going, again? Tell me, so I can maintain the high.

Oh, best part of yesterday? I wrangled off all the days I need for withdiamonds coming to visit in a few weeks. Whee! Donna! Can we really go to Disney? Can we go Thursday AND Friday? Tell me if that's too much.

Howdy and welcome back to foxmonkey.
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