silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ah, yes, the laundry. Amazing how the pile seems to have doubled since yesterday. I am wearing entirely too many clothes. Which, yeah. Sounds a lot like the beginning of a TMI, but isn't. :)

Spent yesterday rereading The Gift of an Enemy, which is not-even-very-arguably my favorite M/K ever, and which contains my favorite character speech from a fanfic. Yes, my fave is not from a popslash story, although there are so many, many runners-up: the "Fuck it, Bass, turn me gay!" line from Age of Love, the "I'm telling you, whales" line from Grapefruit Gurus, "What were you dreaming about?" from The Long Run... but no. I love this:

Your theory about the sexual component of the binding practices of the Weimar witches is plausible, considering the evidence at hand. However, I don’t think your attempt to claim the Gilgamesh epos as corroborative evidence is very promising.

Ahahahaha! I have no idea. It's just, Krycek in this story is so perfect, a perfect foil for Mulder, so sharp and sarcastic and complex, and this line sums him up and Mulder, too, and DAMMIT. I don't want to fall back in love with the Xfiles. I've been burned before.

Please, distract me from this love the laundry. What are some of your favorite lines from fanfic? Do they stick in your head like music, too? Maybe that's just me. Hmm.

dear omg jc shahzaay:

[blah blah blah some kind of really cheesy line about scooby snacks and RAWR that no one would buy, even in bad!fic, but I can't help it]

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