silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Oh, almost forgot! 100% LOVE!! Yesssssss.

Laundry, complete. Whew. To think I came from New Mexico with only what would fit in the Nissan. Now the laundry barely fits in the Nissan, and I've really gotta get to the laundromat more often than once every month or so. Plus, there's a new laundry guy at my place, and while it's not like that, he is amusing to watch, because he's this post-punk jackboot wearing son of a bitch, the kind of guy you imagine yelling "Let's do some CRIMES" happily at the top of his lungs, but he's so helpful! So nice! He hauls the laundry in from everyone's car for them, and carries it back out again when they're done! He shouts at the little 90 year old Asian laundromat owner, "UNCLE!! I NEED ANOTHER QUARTER OVER HERE! THIS LOAD'S NOT DRY YET!" Ahahahaha! Life is so strange.

Excellent Valentine's loot from lilysaid, thank you so much! Chocolate, mmm. I may have to do a sit-up tonight, but it's so worth it. Also, OMG holy SHIT to the one card you sent. Dude. That's just wrong. Wrong. I don't care how many kb get devoted to it, how many many many, it's wrong. Yes. :)

Okay, Digital Jukebox just started playing the exact same song somebody out my window is playing. We appear to have a bit of synchronicity going on here. That's cool.

And in the spirit of a happy sort of zen, I think we should porn now. JC and Chris have been waiting long enough.

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