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is it hard to make arrangements with yourself?

A tough couple of days.

Thing is, right now I am not a good nurse. Oh, I care --it's my best quality-- but the experience is just not there. So I managed to offend the nurse who inserts venous catheters and kerfuffled the nursing supervisor and my patient has to wait an extra day to get nutrition and couldn't get effective pain control.... blah blah blah. About the only people not mad at me after yesterday? The patient and her family, and the doctor. Yay.

It's weird because I spent 20-odd years in the restaurant biz, being the go-to guy because of my experience. I swear, you could set me down sight unseen in any restaurant anywhere and I'd figure it all out in time to give good service. So it's really been hard to give that up to be the new kid all over again and deliberately put myself in the position of making lots of mistakes.

Especially when mistakes mean an undetected infection or untreated pain. Oh, is your steak medium-rare instead of medium-well? You'll get over it, I bet. But, dude! Nursing? The weight of the world, I'm telling you.

And jeez. If someone could kill you with a single injection, wouldn't you want to pay her more than 18 bucks an hour? Just sayin'.

:) ...not just a thinly veiled bitch about my pay or anything. I just think that if nurses were paid more and recognized as professionals rather than glorified servers, we might get better schooling and orientation to the job. I mean, don't make us spend four years writing retarded papers on 'effective communication techniques.' Get us out there, in the real world, from Day Absolute-One, to learn how to communicate.

Can you tell I think maybe nursing school left me unprepared for all this?


*smile* partly inspired by the extremely nice folks visiting my patient, who brought a cake into the room and said "we're ready for you to serve us all a slice. You'll have to get a knife first, though." Actually kinda funny.
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