silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

To do list:

1. Read Quiver. It was a warm, sunny, beautiful day, and then Justin got shot in the back.

What an excellent surprise to come home to last night! Made 147 hours in bone marrow hell TOTALLY WORTH IT. I know you've all probably read it. Aren't you sad you can't be me, getting to giggle for the first time?

2. Figure out how this applies to popslash. Then deny everything.

3. Write extended treatise on "lay/lie," with multiple references. But no, is too much.

You use "lay" as a transitive verb, when the subject acts on the object: I lay the catalogue on the desk, I laid the catalogue on the desk. [Forms are lay, laid, laid.]

But "lie" is intransitive: the catalogue lies on the desk, the catalogue lay on the desk. [Forms are lie, lay, lain.]

Two different verbs entirely! One means "to put," the other, "to recline." The problem is, the present tense of one is also the past tense of the other. Stupid verbs. Always getting tangled up.

4. Speaking of tangled, write porn. JC's touching himself.

5. Perhaps, clean the house. It seems I will have company next week. Next week? Yes. Anyhow, withdiamonds is coming, and so I must get out the old steam shovel and open a window. Or whatever one does to clean, I wouldn't know.

dear jc,

yearning after the love of your life is dangerous. just sayin'.


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