silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Wherein Mary rambles about the whole pop/punk split/not-split ethos, with supporting evidence from the movies, aiieee:

The Hustle! On my digital jukebox! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, how I miss the seventies, and loving this song, and making all my friends learn to do the dance so we could all Hustle together, and then Saturday Night Fever came out!! OMGzzz!! Making my poor uncle take me to see it, and the glazed look in his eyes, but I didn't care because it was a MOVIE ABOUT DANCING, DAMMIT. And I still think the BeeGee's Jive Talking is the coolest song around.

Remind me, why was I so mystified by my sudden and overwhelming love for Nsync, again? The seeds, all so clearly there.

ANNNYway, Green Day! Coming to Orlando! I love Billie Joe and his I Never Sleep dark circles and pasty white skin. But the trouble I have with Green Day is that I remember them so clearly from the early nineties, and yeah, I do remember the seventies, and when I wasn't listening to disco I loved punk, because I was a mixed up kid, that nasty fuckitall grind of bands like the Sex Pistols and the Vibrators and the Clash, and over here, the Circle Jerks and the Butthole Surfers, but I guess that was later. And honey, Green Day? No. In the early nineties they were hailed as this punk renaissance band, except for those of us who mocked them, because HA, most punks want to burn down the city and fuck you in the ass, but Green Day's just mad because their moms want them to get a job. Except that I'm pretty sure that's why the Sex Pistols and the Clash were mad, too, only there were no jobs to be had in England, and yeah, okay, maybe not here, either, for certain kinds of people. I do remember Repo Man, ya know! And Saturday Night Fever, heh. Anyway, when it comes down to it Green Day's music is catchy as hell and fun to thrash around to, and that's what matters most, which is the one saving grace of my musical snobbery. Also, I believe I may have come full circle in my post, here, so I'll quit while I'm... here. Hee! Social commentary, totally not my spec-ee-ality.


Hi, good morning! Wassup.

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