silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

But, have I done ten things? Hmm.

Oh, yes:

1. Smoked pot with a priest. I'm not Catholic, but my family was, very. In fact, I had a great aunt who was a nun. So this felt really really wrong. It was wonderful. Also, he had some good shit.

2. Escaped being arrested for growing certain things because the state cops liked me. However, my bf at the time was taken away in handcuffs. I'm not sure he ever forgave me for that. But hey, PR matters, and he was a wanker anyhow.

3. Waited on Gillian Anderson, Arlo Guthrie, Dick Dale, and Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads. Y'all, Gillian Anderson is, like, 4 ft 2.

4. Heard the Taos Hum. Had the power go out in my house when I asked the whoever, the spirits, to watch over my cat after we put him to sleep. Stood in the parking lot of a restaurant, not-drunk and with five other people as witnesses, and watched a light in the sky zipping around, swerving and stopping, for half an hour.

5. Chased a rattlesnake around in my house until I caught it with a broom and a fireplace poker, then carried it back out to the mesa.

6. Free-climbed up the side of the Rio Grande Gorge, alone, in winter. You know, you get really creative about self-destruction when you give up cigs, alcohol, and drugs.

7. Studied with a well-known feminist theorist who was accused of sexual harrassment. Not by me, though.

8. Won a poetry contest for "Best Poem About Sex." Hee!

9. Lived in an Earthship under construction for six months, with no power and water. When I moved, I bought a tv and a frozen pizza, and took a nice hot shower. I have no soul.

10. Wandered around the British Isles for a month with a backpack and a couple hundred bucks. Got lost in every single city. Did not want to leave Dublin, although I couldn't understand a single word spoken to me there.

Fun stuff! I'm enjoying reading everybody's Things. Man, y'all are some fucked up, courageous people out there. Salute. But is it wrong that I'm particularly liking the stories about celebrity encounters? Going to the moon: fabulous. Going to the moon with Lance Bass: PRICELESS.

What. I told you I had no soul.

So, I must throw off the black mood three days of work have put me in, and prepare for withdiamonds' arrival. Actually, just the thought makes me say EEEE!! Get ready for some Disney Squee over the next few days, people. This is your only warning.
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