silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Video card on infinite loop all day yesterday. Scary! New drivers installed now, so we shall see... but there is no more scrolling, only rippling, like fields of wheat or water down a pane of glass. Whoooaaaaauuh. Kinda of makes me feel like I just got off Space!Mountain! which we will ride today. Help me.

Have shopped and eaten and been drunk (and shopped and shopped and shopped) all around the world. Have talked over Disney and the guys and fandom and fanfic and EVERYTHING, so much fun. Didn't see any of the guys, but we watched. Oh, yes.

Have succumbed to the Disney Mind Control tm and purchased an annual pass. Aiee. Come on down! Give me an excuse!

Two things:

If there is no Challenge, bite my tongue, how would y'all feel about getting together at Disney anyhow? Or failing that, collecting for the charity anyhow, and sending the dollars on to Geri? Or whoever. Think of it as the most well-meaning back-handed slap EVER. Those bastards. *smiles happily*

Also, lately I have dreamt about JUSTIN WANKING, like, five times. Cocky little fuck that he is, he's always smirking at me (like in that photo of him against the wall holding his crotch, that one?) and he's HUGE, omg. 'Snice. Except, I never dream about sex of any kind with the guys, so why does it have to be him? WHY? I'm so sad.

Well, off to the Magic Kingdom! Adios, now!
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