silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Suddenly, I love Nick Carter with a raging fire:

Here's the latest rumor on Paris Hilton: We hear she just took her new boyfriend to Aruba. Her boyfriend is also named Paris. Nick Carter, the guy she used to date says, "How convenient. She loves to call out her own name during sex. This way she won't offend anyone."

Ahahahahaha! That's just beautiful. Except I don't think Paris Hilton cares if she offends people.

Oh, I forgot I'd written this one. Found it today, looking for poetry. Polished it up a bit:

"So, I'm going to fuck you."

He knows he sounds like he's planning a funeral, but JC smiles anyway.

"That's the spirit."

Chris grimaces. "C," he starts, but JC says "You can always stop if you don't like it" so Chris says "Fine," grudgingly.

JC shimmies over him like silk and oh, shit. Chris says "JC," desperately, and JC says "It's okay, come on," so he does, but then everything in the world explodes, way too soon. But JC's laying there with a blind smile and he doesn't seem to have a bone in his body, so yeah, okay, maybe.

Drabbles are kind of fun! But, you know. Useless. Little snacks. *sigh*

Spent the day lazing around, lying in the sun, doin' nuthin'. I thought in a desultory kind of way about the remix, but got nowhere. Unless you count "Maybe I'll just quit," but I don't think I was serious. Probably not. I get like this. You know.
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