silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

*deep sigh*

JC screwed his eyes shut, biting his lip with a tight look on his face, so Chris whispered, "What are you thinking about?" JC made a choked sound and jerked, a sudden, desperate movement. Chris knew, it was obvious, so he said "Don't move, don't move," and JC tried. Chris could feel how he dragged in breath after breath to still his trembling muscles. Finally, when Chris was close, his balls drawn up and his spine unlocked, he told JC, "Yeah, me too," and JC whimpered and arched his back and his cock pulsed in Chris's hand, warm slippery come.

Snacks. I hope I can flamboozle my remix recipient into thinking 47 Raspberry Zingers about Chris and JC are what her story really might have been.
Tags: my stuff
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