silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Writing a list makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Heh.

1. Fat Boy Slim and The Crystal Method at HOB Orlando, March 25! Holy fuck. I love Fat Boy Slim with a love that's unholy. And Crystal Meth, haven't seen them since Albuquerque, those nice boys in their short-sleeved plaid shirts and ball caps, noodling about on Gramma's Cassio deck. Can't WAIT.

In honor of my musical obsessions, a repost of my favorite Fat Boy song, the strangest rockin' beat ever, full of crazy energy and weird joy, and appropos these days, nevermind:

Michael Jackson

2. New pics of JC up at JC Source, hanging with Eva at her 30th B-day party. "Eva's date for the evening was former beau JC Chasez (of *NSYNC fame), who kissed her and sang her "Happy Birthday". As for the kiss picture, which I rather perversely love, and the "former beau," I have nothing to say. See! I can restrain myself. But having JC sing you Happy Birthday? *wibble* There would be nothing left but a puddle and my ugly flip-flops.

JC! My birthday's next month! Just sayin'.

3. To the everning shift of the Oncology Progressive Care Unit, a love note:

Please, when we have no nursing tech or secretary or anyone to help, do not give my 81 yr old post surgical patient 40 mg of lasix so that she has to get up approx. 2905709 times to pee, and then leave for the day, laughing. It makes Mary cranky. Also, do not call the nephrologist for said lasix order, so that when he comes in to yell about being woken up at 0500, Mary has to listen. Thank you.

4. To JC Chasez, light of my life:

"Hot Section"? Ahahahahaha! I see we're going for intellectual this time around. Change is good.

5. This story melted me right out of my seat, VWOOP! Oh, sorry. Was that gross? Anyhow, read it, for there can be no greater good than jchalo threemanbus wanking porn. Inshallah, I have spoken.

I wish I liked the sequel to The Long Run better, though. But that's all I'll say about that. [eta: Well, that sucked, didn't it? How's a little unsupported joy-killing to start your morning right? I don't know why I was disappointed. I'm going to read again, and really think it through. Maybe I just wanted it to be longer. That could be. Sorry.]

6. Off to the coalmines. What a shame that none of my usual suspects have been ANY HELP AT ALL with regard to the research I need to do for this remix story. And since listlessly asking my friends a question or two is all the research I'll likely manage, well. Get ready for snowfall in the Sahara, y'all. Should be funny, anyway.

7. So, cheer me up. When was the last time you had sex? Years? Nevermind.

hee! I better go.
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