silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Good morning! I'd make a list, but that seems like work. All that organization, it burns.

Cake is coming to Orlando, too! CAKE. They are my #1 most favorite band in the world, and I still remember the video they had up on their site for a while, Short Skirt Long Jacket, I think? Where they showed up at this dive lounge in LA and played a set for, like, five drunks. It was beautiful. The men just clutched their drinks and ignored the whole thing, and one scraggly old woman cackled all the way through it, but by the end everyone was grooving. I think. It was hard to tell.

Cake! John McRae is so my secret cowboy hat-wearing insurance agent (he once told MTV his band was "irrelevant;" how can you not love that?), and the bass player, I want to have his kittens. I'm so happy.

In honor of my happiness, heh, I give you the Cake song that most clearly defines what JC is all about, since that makes sense in my head, at least, and everything always has to come back to JC:

Love You Madly

Plus, it's a kick-ass rockin' song. Whatev.


Dueling Drabbles this way, folks. What fun! Personally, I think everyone should join in and drabble along, because it's open mic night at Casa Mary, and anything is better than writing this remix. I mean, oh! The story is coming along just GREAT. In fact, I have to get back to it right now.

Who is he always talking to in these pictures?

Who? And also, why are these pics always uploaded as "01.jpg"? Don't they know I have 4,947 pictures of JC that started out life as "01.jpg"? God.

Grammar and Usage PSA for Wed, March 9, 2005:

There is no adverb "lowly."

He can speak quietly, or he can speak in a low voice. But he can't speak lowly, unless by some chance he is a shepherd in the field, tending his flock. Maybe not even then.


this is a pet peeve that I can't really substantiate. except that it isn't the speaking that's low, it's his voice, so the word should not be used as an adverb. am I on crack, you ask? very likely.

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