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Velvet Underground
Miami Herald (JC Source)

Speaking of soirees, Soiree Sundays at the Raleigh celebrated its first anniversary last Sunday. My, how the year flew. It seems like just yesterday when the event was in its infantile stage featuring less than A-list celebs like JC Chasez singing "Kumbaya" at the party's bonfire. Today, Chasez would be eclipsed by much-larger-than-life types who would speak to the ex-*NSYNC-er only if "Desperate Housewives'" Eva Longoria hadn't dumped his booty.

ganked from solo_chasez


Lovely day, thanks, writing, listening to digital jukebox, which for some reason thinks I want to hear Nsync and The Chasez today. Is it my birthday?? No... that's right. I'm going to a conference on hospice care for my birthday. That's really perversely pleasing to me. Stupid sense of humor.

Have found a massage therapist willing to beat me to a pulp. Priceless. I'm so sore today, I can't tell you. I feel GREAT. All those clamped down muscles, they need that sometimes. Weird.

Have you read lilysaid's Shed A Light yet? Holy shit, what are you waiting for? This is how it should be done. The guys are perfectly in character, drawn with a deft touch and a clear focus on how they'd really react to such a crazy situation. I feel like I've been waiting for this for a long time, longer even than she's been writing the story, heh. Check it out. Also, fuck. Hot.
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