silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A synopsis of my favorite pairings, while my subconscious works on the remix:


mulder: hello, my name is inigo mulder. you killed my father. prepare to... be punched a lot
krycek: no I didn't, mulder. wait, yes I did. oops
mulder: but you are kind of hot, so maybe we should fuck a lot first
krycek: okay! *heart breaks*


jc: snark
chris: snark
jc: snark
chris: snark
jc: snark
chris: *blowjob*
jc: *gasp*
both: *sing, and then fall asleep together in a basket*


methos: I'm really old
duncan: I'm old too!
methos: puppy
duncan: *sigh*
methos: but I do like your sword
duncan: fine, then


spock: sex is illogical in the age of artificial insemination
kirk: your hair is shinier than a girl's!
spock: it is also illogical that you keep looking at the Romulan ambassador's ass. cease at once
kirk: prepare photon torpedoes, baby


spike: I'd fuck you, but the chip won't let me
xander: ha!! ha, right?
spike: excellent comeback, luv
xander: I've been practicing, with words. because words? of the good
spike: I can tell. now what say I just fuck you a little, and then stop?
xander: back off, deadboy. well, maybe just one bite
spike: smashing. got a fag?

Ah, fandom. How I love you.
Tags: crack
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