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How are ya? I'm good. Good good good. I had a great JC birthday day, then woke up today singing "A message for you, Rudy" (yeah, I don't know either) all happy. Some stuff from yesterday:

Digital cable & high speed internet ROCK. And the installer guy recognized Chris on my desktop: "that's that, uh, guyband guy, right? That's oldschool!" HEE! I could barely restrain myself from making a Simpsons joke, especially after I found out he used to be in the military.

And what is it about 20-ish guys who think women are automatically gonna hit on them? Felt he had to mention his fiance within four minutes of walking in the door... and had to tell me how old he was and where he liked to hang out. Uh-huh. Friendly puppy, not bad looking and appeared to have a brain but I mean. Guys like that, I just want to make them a sandwich and send them outside with their friends. Luckily he turned down the wattage significantly after he asked my age. Heh.

My first cable viewing experience? "Boy Meet Boy." Yay! Country line dancing indeed, how deliciously stupid. James is actually quite hot (usually on these shows the target is much less than good looking, to me, although I do have a soft spot for the gay boys, I admit) and the set up is perfect for little dollops of melodrama. Not enough groping, though.

Los Lobos! At the Zoo! They were so fucking good. Out in the park, lots of little kids & older people picnicing on the grass. This one woman, had to be in her 60s, man could she dance. At sundown the cicadas started up their whirring, Cesar making jokes about the trees grooving to the music, making jokes about wolves (of course), holding up a little lost kid on stage "come get him! But until then we'll give him a maraca!" They played their usual set they like to play here, heavy on the more traditional hispanic forms. I love the cumbia! The drummer couldn't quite manage the breaks in "Cumbia Raza," which made the band laugh every time. Actually they played lots from "This Time." I love that album. Too bad they never seem to play "Viking" live. Ah, well. It was a good time. I danced my ass, a little bit, under the trees as the sun was setting.

Que mas else? I don't know.

Dear JC:

Birthday pictures? Por favor? Thanks.

xoxo, silver
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