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Writing, writing, writing. I love this, the feel of a story that's flying, when I have two days off and food in the fridge and 40 gigs of music in my library, and it looks like the clouds might clear up so I can soak in the sun later on today. I'm going to be so sad when this one wends its way home. We've had a good time together. An utterly maddening time, in some ways, but what could be better? I reckon that's why I keep doing this.

Work has sort of modulated itself from exhausting and stressful into just plain weird, every day. Not bad, per se... yesterday I had two discharges and two admits, and gave chemo to the other patient, and it all went pretty well, I guess. I had time to sit in on the multidisciplinary meeting where they present various cases, with slides and pictures of tumors and scans and labwork, and the pathologist presented his findings about a patient who died recently, so we finally know why, although as it turns out we couldn't have done anything differently. It's just good to know. She was one of ours.

The other nurse had a tough day. One of her people kept trying to crash, and they figured out finally that she was in ketoacidosis (but without a very high blood sugar as usual, odd), so that her body was very acidotic and she was sluggish and confused and wouldn't eat or drink. At one point they brought her back from a scan and had the stretcher next to the bed, and were trying to encourage her to slide from one to the other, and she ended up on her butt halfway along, smiling happily. The tech and the nurse and her husband were on one side but the bed was against the wall, so all they could do was tell her to move, please, honey, which she thought was very nice, but no. So I finally just climbed up on the bed and grabbed her under the armpits and said "come on, mami! Whee!" and hauled her over like a sack of spuds, and she laughed, but ow, my back. Who says I don't know how to have fun? Dammit. :)

Thing is, every doctor who came along wrote a sheaf of new orders, and they all contradicted each other, and the nurse is fairly new, so she didn't quite know how to traffic cop them, and she didn't realize that it's not the loudest, meanest doctor who's most right. So the Infectious Disease doc never got told about the fact that she was also septic on top of everything else, because the oncologist said DAMMIT, ALL ORDERS SHOULD GO THROUGH ME, and the nurse took that to mean don't call any of the other docs about anything, so the patient didn't get her antibiotics till late. And they spent all day trying to get a feeding tube into this poor lady's stomach through her nose, which she then quite happily yanked out, because Hi! What's this in my nose?? But no one thought to put her on IV nutrition instead, until the nurse was complaining at the end of the day about how snotty radiology had been about placing the tube twice and it wasn't her fault, and I asked her "what about TPN?" She just looked at me, and started laughing. It's like that, you know. You get so focused on a solution, and no one, the doctors and the charge nurse and the secretary, none of them ever thought what else can we do here. Aiieee. No wonder we're all on crack. It's a maddening job, I'm telling you.

Other than that, I'm doing pretty well. How about y'all? Getting ready for that JuC thing, I understand?

who am I kidding, I just love the supremely bored guy in the background

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