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Aaaaand, still writing. Missing two key scenes, I THINK, but I'm determined to send whatever I have to beta tonight no matter what, so that I can know whether I'm even within the galaxy on this one, much less the ballpark. Saturday I thought this story was finer than cheese. Yesterday, I was ready to black out my monitor with a Sharpie. So who knows, and we'll see.

In honor of Friday, some of my favorite JuC plots:

justin: *romps*
jc: *romps back*
justin: *moans, suddenly*
jc: *laughs lowly*

Lowly. Hate it.

jc: I can't fuck you. you're, like, 8
j: *shimmies*
jc: shit

That's my favorite one, ever.

jc: *sings*
j: *sings back*
rest of the world: *falls away*

Aww. I reread Chasez Lake: Legal last night, because it is my comfort fic, and because it makes the smoke come out of my ears. I cannot WAIT for Friday, y'all. Going to make time to read, no matter how the remix is going. JuC Day: there is no bad, there.

They opened the Stitch's Great Escape ride at Magic Kingdom! Omg, omg, I have been waiting! It is "an out-of-control adventure that you can see, feel, and even (ewww!) smell." Smell-o-vision! Awesome. Can't wait.

Yes, I get the Disney newsletter. Shut up.
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