silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Good morning.

When is this picture of Justin from? 2002, 2003-ish?

According to the Orlando Sentinel, State Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, recently introduced a measure in Florida that would make it illegal to "expose below-waist underwear in a public place."

The picture appears on the article's sidebar with the comment that "fashion experts... say the look is over." Ahahahahaha!! There's just so much there, I don't know where to begin. Florida, pls never change. Although personally, if I were going to legislate fashion, a little bit of undie-booty would not be my target. Undie-booty keeps the world fresh and young again, people! I mean, how entertaining is it to see those boys with their pants belted in tight around their knees, hobbling across the gas station parking lot? Classic. I cannot help but wonder, though, how the pants stay up at all. It is a mystery.

I've done a little pruning on my friendslist, for all the usual reasons: PMS, chronic crankiness, overstimulation, boredom, confusion, defensiveness, and hatred for the ever-subtle "By golly, would you look at that! My paid whatever is about to expire." I mean no offense. I think. Hmm. *hacks at the thicket in my brain, too*

Today I'm going to do all the errands I ignored finishing the remix story, and read all the JuC Day stories I missed out on, too. I've read nonchop's story, which was so much fun! Except I find myself wanting to know what the real bots act like. You know, for contrast. Strictly research-oriented thinking here, yo. And I'm in the middle of jewelianna's story, loving the notion of JC as a teacher of anything, ever. Hee! Fuck Justin, hand him a chisel and tell him to vibe with the stone, then ignore him all day... that's our boy! I'll finish that one today.

Oh, Florida? You could get another Governor, probably. That would be okay.
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