silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Poll answers, after a lazy day.

ihearthings_ii, I can't exactly say I'm not. But I'd love to travel around without any worry of money or time.

call_me_loca, to see the earth from space. Cheesy, and not too likely, but yes.

forceofisis, I would call my mom. On a larger scale, quit my job. Even larger... get a big ugly RV and hit the road! Hee!

amesville, in order: braids, fro, GOD no, either, and red hair, mwahaha.

digital_diva, I don't know if I do. There's a big ball of stillness in my middle where I keep a lot of that, and some days it takes hours to remember how to breathe.

mickeym, yes........................of course. Also, I'm trying! Jeez! :)

sperrywink, that's it in a nutshell. But of course I blame myself.

kiffle, because I had this liberating vision of myself as a 65 yr old waitress in a coffee shop, living shift to shift.

lilysaid, JC, and also, JC. Hee! And also, because there is no god and he hates us, besides.

_jules_, that's a really interesting question, which I can't answer... I'd want to be a fly on the wall, looking in from the outside, for that one.

Cool questions, and thanks. Ask away, if you want, and jeez. So much politeness. 'Sweird.
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