silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Mas Huevos Rancheros, Por Favor

tallories, are you sure it was only once? All those lines I stood in last summer, I can't believe it was only once. Also, tch. I knew who YOU were.

pacific_gravity, I would have to say, President Bush. HAHAHAHA, I kid. Really, I think celery is the devil's vegetable. It is nasty.

frausorge, I really dislike it. The joy of winning is never worth that itchy disappointment when you lose. Also, casinos are bright and shiny and soulless, and I used to watch friends binge away all their shift tips and then some, back in the restaurant days. Okay, maybe the lottery. Once in a while. Bwah!

Hey, keep on asking! 'Sfun. Plus, it drives halimede batty.

Today I am going to do everything I didn't do yesterday. I am NOT going to finish reading this Snape-the-vampire story, because it is really poorly written and characterized, except, strangely enough, for the sex-and-biting scenes, which are SMOKIN'. You can tell where this author's heart lives. No, I will save that for a bedtime snack, damn me to hell.

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