silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Couple of tough days at work, stat nurse helping out all the other nurses, and yesterday at one and the same time I had to:

1. take vital signs and chart on nine patients
2. take report on and take care of two patients because one nurse was two and a half hours late for work
2b. one of those patients was sliding down fast, respers going from normal to shallow and gasping, heart rhythm going wonky, and by the end of the shift he was in ICU getting intubated and they were calling his wife to HURRY, sigh
3. hang blood on two patients
4. reinfuse stem cells into one patient, a process that requires the nurse to sit at bedside for an hour straight
5. attend rounds on all the patients
6. get my makeup and hair done for the hospital promo

Aiee. At one point I asked the nursing educator to help me by checking temp and BP on one of the patients getting blood, because we take the vitals every half hour on these folks, and when she started in on a ramble about how she wasn't feeling well and was moving kind of slowly, I told her "I wish I had that option" and her eyes got a lot wider. My damn mouth. But she snapped to, and we got through it all, and when she yelled at me later I totally let her, because I had it coming. And then I was made up and photographed, and that much mollified and calmed me, I must admit. I've never had makeup sprayed on before. It was kind of cool.

But anyway, all that was by way of apologizing for not commenting sooner on my remix story, Oh, The Places You'll Go (98 and 3/4 Percent Guaranteed). Thank you so much! A cool and interesting extrapolation of what was going on for Justin while Chris was hiding behind his couch watching the thing, and a cool insight into what the thing was. That ought to please northernveil. She hates the thing.

Question for you, though, O Remixer person: what does the title mean? Feel free to comment anonymously, and to ramble on about the story as much as you want, because I'm interested in how you came up with Justin's motivations here and how you saw the characters of all the guys.

Also, thank you to zvi_likes_tv for agreeing to run this challenge, because I know it wasn't easy dealing with all the formatting issues, etc. I know I learned about some HTML stuff I should have known before. And I'm glad you're into the idea of doing it next year, too. This challenge is so much fun to read and write, and it inspires a different sort of creativity, a different way of looking at the fiction.

I'm reading the other stories now, saving up some thoughts for later.
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