silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Had a really fun time today with mickeym and her son, who is the cool kind of kid you can just talk to about shit, and who told me "would you stop doing that??" when I sang along to the radio, which made me laugh. We all know how I feel about that.

Carry On, from an email I wrote:

Ha! I finally reread it. Liked it better this time, but still... um. Last time it just seemed like every paragraph was a list that went "Joey said... JC agreed... Justin did... Chris... Lance..." This time the writing style didn't grate on me that way, but still the whole thing felt flat. Like, it's an outline for the real story, and all these great elements were there, but so much was just tossed off in exposition, and it went by so fast, that when the wonderful moment when Lance tells Chris "I did this for you" comes up, I felt this pang of what the story could have been, if she'd unfolded it like The Long Run, just let it all unfurl. Waaah. Oh, well.

So, I was pretty hesitant to post my actual reaction, for all the usual reasons, but it occurred to me, thanks to mickeym and amesville, that if I'm wrong here, I'd LOVE to have someone show up and tell me why. Then I can find a new way to love the story. That's kind of what crit does for me. Whether it's my own crit getting reactions, or the crit of others that I react to, I get to learn a new perspective, figure out a way to see quality that I didn't understand before. All negative crit isn't just dismissive. Sometimes it's a cry for help. Dammit.

Got a couple of Middle Eastern electronica compilations today. Anyone interested in hearing a little of that? Let me know. For now, though, I must go to bed and dream of JC's curly little faux hawk.
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