silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

The state of Florida has no memory of my car title and registration, and after an hour online trying every combination of capital and small letters to trick the system, I give up. My car will not be reregistered before my birthday. I suck. Forty three years old and an outlaw, y'all. It's come to that. Guess I'd always hoped I'd go to prison for something a little more interesting.

Yesterday I reread the remix I wrote for the first time since the manic last minute push to get it done, and aiieee!! Commas, so many of them. So today I'm going to clean it up a bit in preparation for the reveal tomorrow, although I suspect many of us cheaters already know who the authors are. Did I say "us cheaters"? I meant "you cheaters". Bad, wicked friendslist. Shame on you all. And then I need to read up on pediatric emergencies, because I have a class next week, and then I'd like to get some writing done, although I won't. Excellent! It's good to have a plan, even if it includes failure right from the git-go. I'm *fully* ready, yo.

I have nothing more, although I kind of miss talking dirty about JC. Anybody have anything inspirational to say in that regard?
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